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About the Artist

Jason McCorkle has been a freelance graphic designer and illustrator since 2004.  He has created illustrations using graphite, ink & marker to digital art.

Born in 1976, he started drawing at the age of five and has been doing it ever since. Jason uses every bit of his free time to create artwork based on everything and anything that he likes. From sports to movies to animations, his artwork is always sure to get your attention.

“I have lived in North Carolina my whole life, I started drawing as a hobby as far back as I can remember. I’m always excited to learn new techniques and new technologies.  I enjoy seeing creativity in all aspects of art.”

“I’m inspired by sports, movies, comics, TV, music, friends and family.  I think artists are never done learning and improving.  Most of the time we are our own worst critic.  Without my friends and family, I doubt I would have ever got this far, so thank you to everyone for supporting this starving artist for so long and allowing me to do what I love.”

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