How did you do that?

How did you do that - Bass Guitar Sketch to Done 2

How did you do that? I hear that question more than most. In the past, most of my illustrations were created as followed:

  1. My initial idea is sketched on smooth bristol board by hand using a lead holder with with 3H lead.
  2. Second I apply an a light ink outline using Copic 0.3 multiliners.
  3. Once the outline is finished, I erase the graphite.
  4. Then I add color to the illustration using Copic markers.
  5. When I’m happy with the way the color looks, I apply the final details and a thinker outline to the illustration using a 0.5 or larger Copic multiliners.
  6. The image is then scanned. How did you do that - Cintiq_13HD
  7. And finally cleaned up using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

A few years ago, I found myself asking: “How did you do that?” about other artist’s work. At that point I realized that I w0uld have to set up my game and skill level. In attempt to do just that, I recently obtained a new tool, the Wacom Cintiq 13HD! This tablet allows me to skip several steps and illustrate directly into the computer. It will take some time to get my line quality to the level my customers have come to expect but the Cintiq will save me tremendous time and money in the end. If you are serious about creating art and you have the means, I suggest to get your hands on one of these tablets!

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