Custom Brochures

Custom brochures, flyers, pamplets… ..whatever term you use, can come in multiple shapes and sizes while having the impact and attract the attention you are looking for from your audience.


We see brochures or some form of collateral in almost every business we visit, so having a one that stands out from the crowd is essential. Brochure design has two key elements, graphic design and copy. Both of these elements need to be carefully selected to create the best marketing tool possible.  Too much of either element can overwhelm your audience, not enough can tag your business with an amateur status.


If you needing high-quality custom brochures or need a dated item re-vamped to promote a product, a service or an event for your business; then look no further. I can design any brochure type that you have in mind. I offer two options for my clients. Option 1: I can supply you with a design and all creation files for your new brochure. Option 2: I can create your new design, obtain print quotes from a vendor and coordinate shipping of the final print job to any location you request, making this project completely hassle-free. Please contact me discuss your idea and options and I’ll supply you with a quote today.


Custom Brochures: Types and Designs

  1. Half-Fold: Best used for simple business presentations.
  2. Classic Tri-Fold: Best used for small pieces that are easy to read and unfold.
  3. Single Gate-Fold: Best used for graphically-heavy designs.
  4. Four Panel-Fold: Best used for promotional leaflets.
  5. Double Gate-Fold: Best used for large presentations.
  6. Z Fold: Best used for mailing and handouts.
  7. Four-Panel Accordion Fold: Best used for text-heavy designs.
  8. Four-Panel Roll Fold: Best used for instruction guides.
  9. Die-Cut Z Fold: Best used for trade shows and booth collateral.
  10. Five-Panel Accordion Fold: Best used for travel brochures.
  11. Tri-Fold + Half-Fold: Best used for newsletters, maps and charts.


The list goes on and on.

Custom Brochures

Interactive Sample

Paraco Gas Welcome Package

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